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  • Dressing mirror area of Campus Store
  • Equipment and pin accessories in Campus Store
  • View of various clothing designs inside Campus Store
  • Closeup of School of PA Studies merchandise designs

Campus Store



The Campus Store is located inside the Warren and Carol Low Student Union, next to the student lounge and rec room. The Campus Store sells official MBKU merchandise and students, alumni, family and friends can show their MBKU pride with sweaters, t-shirts and more. All students, faculty and alumni can also order textbooks and equipment related to their field.

To view our online store, please visit:

With carefully curated events that have shaped the institution and hand-selected photos from the past and present, this is the perfect centerpiece for your coffee table or a gift for any SCCO alum. Don’t miss your opportunity to own this limited edition coffee table book in soft-bound or hard-bound linen cover. Make a gift today and receive this limited edition book! 

Receive your SCCO History book with a gift of $300 to get the soft-bound book or $1,000 for the hard-bound book.


Store Hours

Monday - Friday

9:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.


For questions related to the Campus Store and purchasing merchandise, please email Campus Store associates at