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News at MBKU

Photo of ducks in the creek next to campus

Peer Advice: My Aspirations for You as a New Student

Photo of the coast of Orange County, California

Peer Advice: Going Out and About in SoCal

Image of a closed laptop with a stethoscope, JAAPA journal and graduation cords on top

Peer Advice: Adapting to Graduate Studies as a First-Gen Student

Image of person holding sign over face

Peer Advice: Overcoming Self-Doubt and Imposter Syndrome

Image of DJ Khaled with the subtitle "major key alert"

Peer Advice: 5 Major Keys to Destress

clip art image of two people procrastinating

Peer Advice: How to Break Procrastination Habits

Image of person multitasking

Peer Advice: Getting the Most Out of Google Calendar

Photo of woman relaxing behind her desk

Peer Advice: Making time for yourself and your hobbies

Two SPAS students in front of Gold's Gym

Peer Advice: How to Stay Physically Active as a Graduate Student

Photo of ducks by a pond

Peer Advice: 10 Outdoor Activities in Fullerton and Orange County

Photo of food in a skillet

Peer Advice: Best Places to Eat in the Area

Photo of a dog standing in front of a lake

Peer Advice: Weaving Mental Health Practices into Your Everyday

Motivational sign on the wall

Peer Advice: Happiness Project - Graduate Student Edition

Image of person on see saw with one side labeled school work and the other side labeled social life

Peer Advice: How to have a School-Life Balance

Group of students on campus

Peer Advice: Making Time for Friends and Family

Photo of a group of friends

Peer Advice: New Friends? No Problem! A Mini Guide to Building Connections and Fostering Friendships

Photo of MBKU sign on a building

Peer Advice: Places to Study on Campus

Image of student in graduation regalia at a crossroad

Peer Advice: Getting Cold Feet Before Grad School?

Image of city in the background with the word Focus overtop

Peer Advice: Boost Your Focus

Image of book open with light pouring out of the book

Peer Advice: Maximizing Your Grad School Life Experience

Photo of coffee next to a laptop

Peer Advice: My Top 5 Coffee Study Spots Around Fullerton

Logo for the California Pharmacists Association

Peer Advice: The world of pharmacy is small, or is it?

Image of graduate climbing to the top of books

Peer Advice: Tips to Prepare for Graduate School

Image of a duck

Peer Advice: What to do for Small Study Breaks on or Around Campus

Image of sunset while driving

Peer Advice: Tips to Manage Commuting in Grad School