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About MBKU


Marshall B. Ketchum University

Who We Are: Marshall B. Ketchum University

Located in Fullerton, CA, an hour or so inland from Los Angeles, Marshall B. Ketchum University is an independent, private, non-profit, accredited educational institution. 

Students and faculty from around the country come to MBKU, attracted by our world-class health care curriculum, favorable climate, and easily manageable distance from soaring mountain ranges, sun-drenched beaches and scenic national forests.

Currently, MBKU's multidisciplinary health care teaching facilities include:

  • Southern California College of Optometry (est. 1904),  which confers a Doctor of Optometry and a Master of Science in Vision Science degree. SCCO boasts a 120+ year record of achievement and could have easily rested on our optometric pedigree. Instead, we moved boldly to pioneer interprofessional education and care by integrating with two new and innovative health care education programs (below).
  • School of Physician Assistant Studies (est. 2011), which awards a Master of Medical Science degree, and staffs our new PA-run Ketchum Health Family Medicine practice with faculty and students from the groundbreaking program.
  • College of Pharmacy (est. 2013), which welcomed its first class in the fall of 2016 and will award a Doctor of Pharmacy degree. Pharmacy students join those from optometry and PA Studies to collaboratively serve patients at our Ketchum Health facility.

Learn more about our history and our founder.

Preparing Tomorrow’s Leaders

The future of health care will play out in fast-paced collaborative settings, in which successful diagnoses and treatment will depend on something we call ‘clinical fluency.’ This is the ability of differently trained specialists to effectively communicate and work together, often under pressure, to ensure positive clinical outcomes and a satisfying patient experience. To meet this fast-emerging shift in medicine, MBKU has moved to reimagine both health care education and quality and scope of individualized patient care. By bringing multiple disciplines together in both educational and clinical settings, MBKU is preparing future health care practitioners to lead and succeed, regardless of their chosen field or specialty. 

Learn more about how we put this pioneering concept into practice:

Our Vision

We seek to reimagine the future of health care education.   

Our Mission

The mission of Marshall B. Ketchum University is to educate caring, inspired health care professionals who are prepared to deliver collaborative, patient-centric health care in an interprofessional environment.

Our Core Values

Marshall B. Ketchum University is guided by the values of:

  • Accountability - We are committed to honesty, fairness and responsibility for our words and actions. 
  • Caring - We strive to address the needs of our university community and others by nurturing a spirit of compassion.
  • Excellence - Consistent with our legacy, we are committed to achieving outcomes of the highest quality.  
  • Innovation - We have the courage to dream and experiment with creative and unique ideas.
  • Respect - We value the unique talents and diversity of people, strive to work collaboratively, and honor the open exchange of ideas.

Strategic Plan 2020-2023

  • Create multiple opportunities for student engagement within each program and throughout the University.
  • Offer focused student support through mentoring, advising and specialized services.
  • Establish and sustain student-centered instruction and learning.
  • Assist students in connecting co-curricular learning with the development of professional attributes.
  • Prepare students to exemplify MBKU core values as it relates to patient-centered care.
  • Optimize wellness for faculty, staff and students across the University.
  • Develop organized on-boarding process with enhanced collaboration between departments and programs.
  • Develop strategies to improve diversity among board members administration, faculty, staff and students.
  • Establish and maintain a culture of leadership development and mentoring among faculty and staff.
  • Create opportunities for ongoing development and recognition among all employees.
  • Enhance University and clinic-wide communication strategies.
  • Develop ways to maximize opportunities for engagement across University.
  • Ongoing commitment to global educational and experiential learning partnerships.
  • Create community outreach and engagement with collaborative partners to improve the health of
  • populations within our community.
  • Incorporate principles of quality assurance and institutional research objectives to successfully inform and
  • collaborate with granting agencies and local partners.
  • University community assists the MBKU Board of Trustees in the transition to new Presidential Leadership.
  • Improve interprofessional collaboration, communication and inclusion across departments and programs.
  • Create a functioning model of interdisciplinary care at Ketchum Health.
  • Realize improved patient outcomes through increased efficiencies through interprofessional collaboration.
  • Provide intra and interprofessional co-curricular learning through assessment and portfolio development on a variety of skills.
  • Offer intra and interprofessional student development certificate programs and micro credentials (e.g., digital badges) in various cluster topics.
  • Support students to develop as leaders in the field of interprofessional collaborative practice.
  • Adopt new processes to ensure infrastructure and facilities are forward-thinking and attractive to students and employees.
  • Enhance the learning and work experience by adopting new technologies.
  • Refine physical spaces to promote efficiency, innovation and collaboration.
  • Create and transform supporting facilities and spaces to improve the quality of life experiences for students and employees.