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How to Apply to COP

MBKU uses rolling admissions, so it is best to apply early. Rolling admissions means that applications are reviewed as they are received. Should you meet the academic criteria and interview successfully, you’ll be offered a seat in the incoming class. Seats are filled throughout the admissions cycle.

Please follow the steps below to complete and submit your MBKU application.

Step 1: Connect with our Admissions Team

Get started today by talking to our College of Pharmacy Admissions Team to guide you through the process of applying.
Phone: 714-872-5734

Connect with Pharmacy Admissions 

Step 2: Register with PharmCAS

All applications to MBKU’s College of Pharmacy are submitted through a Centralized Application Service known as PharmCAS ( By utilizing a CAS, prospective students will file one application, which may be sent to multiple schools and colleges of pharmacy. MBKU is pleased to be a participating PharmCAS school, as it is our goal to make applying easier and more convenient for you.

Register with PharmCas

Step 3: Gather Application Materials & Submit by the Deadline

Your completed PharmCAS application will include letters of recommendation, personal statements, and all undergraduate transcripts. Please make sure to thoroughly review and comply with the PharmCAS deadlines for submission of your undergraduate transcripts.

Note: It can take up to 4 weeks before MBKU receives your verified application from PharmCAS.

Step 4: Letters of Recommendation (LORs)

Although LORs are not required in order to submit an application, we strongly suggest adding three LORs to your application. These are three that we suggest, which you can use in any combination you wish:

  • A pharmacist 
  • A professor (preferably science) 
  • An employer or extracurricular activity advisor 

You will find more information about LORs, LOR solicitation, and letter formatting requirements on the PharmCAS application website.