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Program Overview

Marshall B. Ketchum University provides the highest quality PA education through excellence in teaching, patient care, research and public service. The College of Health Sciences’ School of Physician Assistant Studies offers a 27-month, post-baccalaureate program leading to the degree of Master of Medical Science. The class size is 40 students.

The didactic phase of the PA curriculum provides the foundation for clinical practice with instruction in applied medical sciences, patient assessment, clinical medicine and pharmacotherapeutics. The curriculum is organized into systems-based modules which incorporate anatomy, physiology, pathophysiology, clinical medicine, clinical skills, patient assessment, diagnostic testing, and pharmacotherapeutics taught in an organized and integrated sequence with a strong emphasis on active learning. Other courses include medical ethics, PA professional practice issues, evidence-based practice, and population and public health. Students will also participate in interprofessional education courses and will experience supervised patient interactions.

The clinical phase of the PA curriculum focuses on direct patient care in various clinics, hospitals and health centers. The program offers a vast array of clinical opportunities with diverse and challenging patient encounters. In order to graduate from the School of Physician Assistant Studies Master of Medical Science Program, a student must complete and pass each course, clinical rotation, Masters Capstone Project, and multi-faceted summative evaluation.

Master’s Capstone Project

During the Master’s Capstone Course, students are required to complete the Master’s Capstone Project under the guidance of a faculty advisor. In teams of 3-4, students will identify a population health-care need and develop and implement a solution to address that need. Teams will use evidence-based principles to research the issue, then prepare and present a professional poster on their findings prior to graduation.