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Preceptors & Volunteers

About Clinical Preceptors

Clinical preceptors play an essential role in the education of PAs. Our preceptors open up their practices to students and spend time educating them on the proper clinical evaluation and treatment of patients. They may include licensed physicians and other licensed health care providers such as PAs and nurse practitioners.

The Benefits of Volunteering as a Preceptor

Clinicians often share with us that they found the experience of welcoming a PA student into their practice to be a rewarding one. They mentioned the following benefits:

  • Having the opportunity to give back to the profession and help to ensure that capable and competent health care providers are entering the U.S. health care delivery system as new colleagues.
  • Appreciating the connection to our program and staying informed of new best practices, current standards of care practice knowledge and access to the latest patient education.
  • Being able to try out students who rotate at their practices if they are considering hiring a PA in the future—many PA students start their first job via a previous clinical rotation. 

Learn More

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