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Prerequisite Coursework

To be eligible for admission into MBKU’s College of Pharmacy, PharmD program, you must have completed the following courses at an accredited institution, with a grade of "C" or better, prior to enrollment. Please note that these titles represent the expected minimum requirements.

Course Name Minimum Semester Units Minimum Quarter Units Additional Notes
General Biology 6 9 One year sequence.
Labs required
General Chemistry 6 9 One year sequence.
Labs required
Organic Chemistry 6 9 One year sequence.
Labs required
Microbiology, General or Medical 3 4 Labs required
Human Anatomy 3 4 Labs required. A&P I&II also accepted. 
Human Physiology 3 4 Labs required. A&P I&II also accepted. 
Calculus 3 4 For science majors preferred
General Psychology 3 4  
Economics 3 4 Micro or Macro
English* 6 8 Preferred: English Composition, Advanced Composition, Critical Reading and Writing, Critical Analysis, Technical Communication
Behavioral Science course* 3 4 Preferred: Human Behavior, Cognitive Science, Neuropsychology, Applied Behavioral Science, Social Psychology
Communications Course 3 4 Preferred: Public Speaking, Speech Communication, Interpersonal Communication

*Prerequisites: English (6 units) and Behavioral Science (3) are waived for students who have earned a baccalaureate degree prior to matriculation to the program.

Advanced Placement Credits

Advanced Placement credits will be accepted for fulfillment of no more than the equivalent of one non-science course of the prerequisite.

Does Taking the PCAT Help My Application?

The Pharmacy College Admission Test is not required for students who have a Bachelor’s Degree. Students that do not have a Bachelor’s Degree must submit PCAT scores.

How To Be a Competitive Applicant

Outstanding applicants will also have taken courses in biochemistry, genetics, physics, statistics, leadership development and cultural diversity. Additional consideration will be given to those with volunteer, patient care, pharmacy and/or military experience. Students who have questions about their qualifications (courses, GPA, experience, etc.) should can schedule a Zoom counseling session or email