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How to Apply to the MS in Vision Science Program

Instructions for Applying to the Combined OD/MS or Standalone Program

The application process for the MS in Vision Science is handled directly by the Southern California College of Optometry (SCCO) Office of Admissions. Select from the options below if you are electing for the combined OD/MS Program, or the Standalone MS Program for details about applying.

Combined OD/MS Program

SCCO offers a combined OD/MS dual degree program. Once students have been successfully accepted into the OD program and completed all matriculation requirements including the full $1500 matriculation deposit they may apply for the MS program and if accepted will complete the degrees concurrently. 


Combined Od/MS Program   


Standalone MS in Vision Science Program

The full-time MS program takes approximately 2 years to complete. The MS degree can be a terminal academic degree or allow the student to gain more experience before entering an OD or PhD program. The program gives the student the opportunity to improve their academic record before applying to optometry school, gain experience in the field of vision, and/or develop a firm foundation in vision research before pursuing advanced academic degrees.


Standalone MS Program