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Optometry Research

Health Care Research at MBKU

Research at Marshall B. Ketchum University spans all three of our professional health care programs and provides opportunities for Optometry, PA Studies and Pharmacy students to get involved in projects as early as their first year. MBKU faculty support students in their research interests and many are highly-lauded researchers in their own right. Numerous members of MBKU’s faculty are published in prestigious journals and are engaged in active, ongoing research studies. 

At SCCO, we have a long history of nationally and internationally recognized optometric research. We offer many opportunities for students and faculty to explore their interests and conduct or collaborate in studies through a number of different programs. 

Why Optometry Students Participate in Research

  • Improves your clinical skills: for example, studying dry eye syndrome will make you more competent in detecting the condition in the clinic
  • Publish your research: It's inspiring for others and publishing your research can earn you greater respect among your peers
  • Career edge: When you apply for a residency program, having research experience is likely to give you a competitive advantage
  • Income: Grants are available for research into eye conditions
  • Buzz for your practice: Academic practitioners tend to keep abreast of innovations
  • Travel the globe: International conferences attract accomplished speakers and can broaden your horizons both clinically and culturally

Additional Information

Detailed information regarding research policies and procedures are available here:

Visit Policies and Procedures Page 

Research Interests
Student Research
Students can gain meaningful experience through various pathways such as the dual OD/MS program, research electives, summer research programs and student research assistant roles.
Faculty Research
Faculty members at MBKU are engaged in research that delivers potential benefits to the health of our patients, to the education and training of our medical professionals, and to the study of vision science.
Clinical Trials & Studies
Our faculty actively recruits patients with specific conditions to take part in clinical trials. Some areas of research include children's vision, contact lenses, binocular vision, adult vision, color vision, ocular disease and more.