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Pharmacy Research

Research Projects for Pharmacy Students

While pharmacy students may engage in research as early as their first year, many students begin a doctoral-level capstone project during their third year, which provides students an opportunity to take three didactic electives of their choice.

Third-Year Capstone Projects

PHM 680, 750, 751 Capstone Project I, II, III

(0.5, 0.5 and 1 unit each)

The Capstone Project series requires students to perform a research/scholarly activity project under the supervision of an internal faculty member or external preceptor. The course has been integrated longitudinally to provide the student with opportunities to participate in various scholarly activities such as: bench research, educational research, community-based research, clinical research, literature review, or other kinds of scholarly activity. The project will culminate in a Capstone Poster Day, where students will be given the opportunity to share their results.

Prerequisites: Successful completion of prior quarter coursework or program permission.

Faculty Research Interests

Alphabetical listing of faculty research interests are available here:

VISIT Faculty Research Interests 

Additional Information

Detailed information regarding research policies and procedures are available here: